"Your Irresistible Love" Discography

1. Your Irresistible Love - As I was coming home from leading worship at Summit fellowships I began singing this song

2. Awake, Awake (Is.51:9) - I was playing my guitar in our studio thinking about the need for awakening to the will of God.

3. The Last Words of David (2Sam.23:3) - Thunder was crashing overhead. I went out on my front porch and saw lightning. I ran in and turned off my computer. Now, sitting on the piano bench I smelled the sweetest ozone. I felt the spirit of the Lord come on me and remind me of the Last words of David in 2 Samuel 23. I turned to the piano and this song arrived. It refers to the one who will rule the whole earth justly. The Lord Jesus Christ.

4. Ballad to Jake - I wrote this song in the late 60's. I had met a man with great potential who was ruining his life with drinking. In some ways he reminded me of myself at that time. This song applies to all searchers who become discouraged and need help.

5. Into Your Holy Fire (Jer.9:23) - I have spent much of the last two years in Jeremiah. This song written in our studio describes the process of drawing near.

6. Heaven is a Big, Big Place - Every week I pray with a group of men. These are the same men who played the parts in our drama Princess Caliatra. One of them prayed about the vastness of heaven. He said, "Heaven is a big, big place." He included all races, age groups, gender, etc. It struck me as so true.

7. I Will Greatly Rejoice (Is.61) - This chapter of Isaiah has been central to my life. Jesus quoted from in Luke 4:18. It describes the nature of the gospel and our future as priests of God. It is about breaking oppression and releasing life. This is our inheritance we must believe in the anointing and the anointed one.

8. A Seed Shall Arise - On our last CD The Ancient Path we have a song called "A Generation is arising". This song continues that theme. The trumpet is sounding and a generation is arising to greet the Lord at His return. Are you ready?

9. Any Day Now (Poignant) - When I first wrote the instrumental I asked the Lord for a name, and he gave me Poignant. I had to look it up to find out the precise meaning and found that it meant 'amazingly moving or touching'. The lyrics are about the return of the Lord Jesus.

10. More than the watchmen (Ps.131:6)- This was originally intended to be on I am Eternal our CD released in 1999, but we held it back. It seemed a fitting ending for the message of this collection.

We hope this has been helpful to you

Charles and Mary

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